Bruce Springsteen Returns to Broadway

The pandemic will not cease any day soon.  As the Delta variety spreads over the world, infection increasing from India to Ireland, it will likely be a long time before COVID-19 is just a horrific memory. But, on Saturday night, Bruce Springsteen walked onto the stage of New York’s St. James Theater to begin an encore […]

New Johnny Cash live album release

A new Johnny Cash live album, recorded in 1968 in San Francisco by legendary taper and audio engineer Owsley Stanley, will be released on September 24th by the Owsley Stanley Foundation and Renew Records/BMG. It features  Johnny Cash performing at the Carousel Ballroom on April 24th, 1968, in the center of Haight-Ashbury. The album was recorded […]

Hank Williams and the beginning of Americana

The term “Americana” was added to the respected Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2011. The musical scene changed during the next five years as Americana music became a legitimate hot property. Traveller by Chris Stapleton was the seventh best-selling album of 2016. It sold nearly one and a half million copies, placing it just below recordings by […]

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